Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something to Look Forward To

In the spring I think I want to start gardening again. I was really into it for a while when I was little but like so many other things that I did when I was a little kid, it faded. Of course it probably didn't help that when I started doing it I started with a very large space to take care of instead of a nice small area like I should have. One of the main reasons I stopped was because it got too hard.

I remember having fun when I did it though. And that's one of the reasons I want to do it again. I think I need something fun. Also I'd like to make our yard a little more cheery. And I think that as I've said before, gardening is really a science lesson on it's own. Botany and zoology and especially zoology if you put a lot of bird houses, feeders and baths around as well as toad houses (to learn more about these check this and this out) or if you want to lean more towards insects there are plenty of plants that attract all kinds butterflies and beetles.

But anyway, I need a good hobby and I think this just might be the perfect one. I'll take over a nice patch of ground in our yard and see how I do.

I could try and go for the whole Colonial Williamsburg thing. I can go over there for some inspiration and ideas and see where it brings me. Okay, no doubt that's way too hard. Still though it's fun to dream about.

What I want to start with is something simple. If I had though about this in fall I would have planted some daffodil (my favorites!), tulip and bluebell bulbs. Now it's too late to plant them. But maybe I can get some per-grown ones.

Anyway, check out these inspirational garden photos. They're fuel for extreme daydreaming.

Don't you wish you could have some of that in your yard? I know I do.

(Photo Sources Unknown: Help!)

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