Friday, June 24, 2011

Links For The First Summer Weekend!!!

Finally! It's time for popsicles and swinging on swing sets and summer flower crowns and trips to the beach and warm evenings complete with singing cicadas (my personal favorite!). What are you all doing this fine weekend? xoxo

I am positively in love with this magazine, a must-see definitely!


What to do after it rains.

Love this.

Feeling beachy?

Loving Urban Outfitters lately and this dress just screams summer to me.

Living In: Emma

Loving all the filmness here.

p.s. i'm taking this weekend to rework the blog a bit so it'll be closed for the next few days. no big changes, mostly just cluttering of the archives. i'm tired of the old stuff popping up, it's just not me anymore. Have a marvelous weekend all!

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