Friday, August 5, 2011

Links For The Super Summer-y Weekend

Hey everybody and happy Friday! This week flew by like a blur for me, how about you? I hope the rest of the month doesn't follow suit, I was really enjoying the slower pace July went at. Oh well, it's all about what you do with your time I guess. Well, I hope you all have some freakin' awesome plans for the weekend, me, I'm just gonna go with the flow and try and do some fun stuff along the way. Meanwhile, it's link time...

Camera lens mugs.

Your favorite book can now be your iPod charger!

Words to live by.

The Pandora for recipes.

Two sites to go to for boredom.

And your extremly-pointless-yet-totally-awesome-tumblr of the week: The Final Image via (i think i'm seriously gonna start doing this once a week)

(Photo by Adam Stockwell)

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