Friday, May 28, 2010

Links for the Weekend (I Hope it's Awesome!)


Oh man, I'm so excited for this weekend! The highly anticipated bible conference for our church is finally here. And it's sure to be totally outstanding. With bonfires, board games, swims in the pool, walks through the woods and fun Christian fellowship with our church, how could it not be outstanding. And WCRC (the place where we're going to be having it) is just so beautiful. What are your plans for the weekend?

What awesome ways to display shells!

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Makes me long for picnics.

Irish Grandmother.

I love this fun-looking Mexican style birthday party.

Garden inspiration.

Gee, I wish I were more into sewing.

I think I'm in love with these cute brass animals.

Connect the dots thank you notes, so cool.

Haunted houseness.

Adorable lemonade favors.

Create your own chocolate bar.

The Shy Rabbit Farm.

All kinds of cool shoes.

A clever way to add green to a home.

And more cleverness. (It involves sandwiches.)

This makes me laugh. (Warning: You might just be singing bits from this song for weeks. Do not watch if this idea makes you feel uneasy.)

(Photo by Le Portillon)

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