Friday, September 24, 2010

Links for the First Fall Weekend (I Hope Yours is Awesome!)

Firstly sorry, I'm so late. I've been pretty busy today. Secondly, happy Friday! Any plans for this first fall weekend? I'll be walking (looking for changing leaves though they don't usually come this early, you can always be hopeful!), working on getting some closets and drawers cleaned out, finally watching my two movies from Netflix so that I can send them back and celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday on Sunday with an apple-y dessert. Meanwhile, here's some links!

Things I want: this anchor necklace.

I can almost guarantee this will make you want to go to garage sales more often.

These candy pouches are so cute, don't you think?

A city made of staples.

I'd be all for eating on these.

Some super cool jewelry.

Ribbon art (I really love the seal).

Ooh, Halloween cards.

An awesome autumn hair style: Heidi braids.

Creative s'mores.

(Photo by Molly | Orangette)

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