Friday, November 19, 2010

Links for the Colorful, Windy, Falling Leaves Weekend (I Hope Yours is Filled With Autumn Goodness!)

Happy, happy, Friday. What are your plans friends? I'm hoping to be spending mine antique shopping, looking through nature guides, reading more of the Lord of the Rings books, taking pictures of all the gorgeous autumn colors all around and cutting out inspirational pictures from magazines for my inspiration board. Meanwhile here's some links for your weekend.

I've been trying to find some clever ways to add green to my bedroom (I don't have that much light) and this idea is one of my favorite finds so far.

1950's gloves, lovely.

What a wonderful gift idea, a bag filled with delicious food.


Wonderful advent calendars.

DIY pull toys (I love how the dog is made out of a converse box).

I really love this hair.

Pizza flags.

A blog for making words.

And in case you haven't heard, The Beatles is now finally on iTunes as of Tuesday.

(Photo by lucie camp)

P.S. Oh and just to let you know, posting is going to be real light next week, sorry.

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