Friday, November 12, 2010

Links for the Perfect-For-Hot-Apple-Cider-and-A-Wram-Fire Weekend (I Hope Yours is Wonderful!)

Happy Friday guys! What are you all going to be doing? I'm planning on spending mine bundling up in my favorite jackets, watching movies, listening to my new Beatles records, putting my new bookshelf in my bedroom, buying new songs, reading more and helping clean out my Grandma's big walk-in closet.

This lovely print makes my heart melt.

Remember these city prints? Well they're now for sale!

This looks like fun.

Pretty autumn pictures.

This calender looks fabulous.

London street style - kids version.

I love these awesome looking Popsicles. Who says you have to stop eating those in winter?

Love this super pretty look.

(Photo by Jason Florio)

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