Friday, December 17, 2010

Links For the Snow-y, Christmas-y Weekend (I Hope Yours Rocks!)

Hey guys! Any plans this weekend? I'm hoping to be taking pictures of the lovely snow, making fudge, working on some inspiration boards (both digital and real-life), doing extra school-work, making play lists and wrapping lots of gifts. Very much looking forward to it. In the meantime though, how about some links for the weekend?

Pretty wreaths.

Ever thought of sending New Year's cards?

Definitely going to try this.

A perfect recipe for Christmas decorating.

Amazing typewriter art.

Other gift ideas for kids (they're so the best to shop for.)

This is what my nightmares look like.

Love these salt dough ornaments.

Christmas goodness.

And if your looking for some new things to listen to, check out elephantine's and miss moss's. I've really been loving theirs lately.

(Photo via We Heart It)

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