Friday, July 16, 2010

Links for the Weekend (I Hope Yours is Outstanding!)

Hello all, what are your plans for this weekend? I'll be spending mine photographing Crape Myrtle trees, taking walks in the sunshine, reading To Kill a Mockingbird, being super existed about the Monkee's records my dad bought from eBay a while back that are hopefully to be finally opened this weekend, getting the finishing touches done on my lyrics project (I'm trying to get lyrics into the info section on all my songs in my iTunes library) and I'll also be trying some new recipes. Can't wait.

This picture of a vintage Adidas t-shirt made me happy.

Collecting nature.

Mesmerizing vintage photograph.

Friday food files with wild berries (yummm!).

Beautiful summer-y inspiration.

An outstandingly gorgeous french home.

What an awesome camping spot.


I just can't get over this perfectly lovely shelf.

A little Audrey Hepburn to brighten your day.

On re-reading.

(Photo via We Heart It)

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