Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I've Been Loving Latley

1. Elmwood

2. My new haircut

3. The fact that I've gotten so much done on my computer

4. Peaches

5. Summer flowers

6. Reading on the porch

7. This awesome documentary The Blue Planet (that's free right now on iTunes)

8. Blue nails (like the ones above)

9. Pink nails (like the ones I've been sporting)

10. Picnics

11. Seeing a new Netflix movie in the mailbox that's for me

12. The awesome website Pandora where you can create your own radio station by putting in a certain artist or song so that it can make a play list filled with songs with similar sounds

13. The blog Dream Cats (because I'm a major cat lover).

14. The great weather we've been getting (it was around 105 now it's only 90, whoa-hoo!)

15. Wax paper

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