Friday, August 20, 2010

Links for the Weekend (I Hope Yours Rocks!)


Happy Friday guys! Any plans for the weekend? We've got my grandparents dog Ginger with us for the next few days (I feel like doing cartwheels) while they're away in New York so our weekend will be filled with all the joys of having a dog around. Taking her for walks, making sure our cat Boots stays away from her (Ginger doesn't mind cats, but Boots doesn't seem to be too fond of dogs) and tons of petting and adoring. I'm so happy this is happening!

This is amazingly adorable (especially if you're a To Kill a Mockingbird fan).

Do a little dance.

Two awesome wedding invitations (one's plantable!).

A jar of yellow.

Lasagna Cupcakes.

A good trip is like winning the lottery.

A wacky stone house.

Love, love, love these fun shoes.

Camping, oh how I'd love to go camping soon.

A super vintage doll house, so cute.

(Photo by luxogram)

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