Thursday, August 26, 2010

Personalize Your Chocolate

Okay, I may have posted a link to this in Links for the Weekend a few months ago but I finally really explored the site today and now realize I have to make it it's own post. It's way too outstanding.

So, here's how it works. You go in and pick what kind of chocolate you want first, choices being Milk, White and Dark. Then you get to pick 5 different extra ingredients to add to it. And oh my goodness, the choices are beyond amazing. All kinds of nuts and seeds, berries, candy and even herbs and spices. Plus all kinds of other stuff like marshmallows, Cinnamon toast crunch cereal (I could get into that), and even crazy stuff like potato chips. Yeah, potato chips.

But if customizing is not your thing but you'd like to try something with all these rad ingredients than head on over to the popular favorites section where you can pick whatever already-customized bar sounds good. Too cool, right? Check it out here.

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