Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Awesome! A book that combines some of my favorite things all together. History, architecture, Virginia, gardening, home design and photography. Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Already I want to dig my nose into it.

Amazon.com Says: "Thomas Jefferson's Monticello is a superb collection of essays, adorned with beautiful color photography, that showcases this American treasure. Designed by Jefferson himself, Monticello is a model of elegance and symmetry. It is also home to Jefferson's world-class collection of art and porcelain from France, scientific instruments from England, the finest American furniture from Philadelphia and New York, and enduring furnishings made in Monticello's own joinery by enslaved craftsmen. The celebrated gardens and grounds form an experimental yet breathtakingly lovely landscape featuring flowers, fruits, and vegetables of the Old and New Worlds."

This is definitely on my wish list now.

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